Why us?

Handcrafted in Los Angeles from start to finish- all our garments use the highest quality 100% combed cotton pre-shrunk fabrics milled locally. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers won’t have to worry about their products shrinking or losing quality in the washing and drying processes. Our mission is simple. Create ethically made real luxury blanks that last a lifetime sold at a fair price.

How we do this?

All our production is done in our DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES facility allowing us to watch over the entire process instead of leaving it in another factories hands. We go through various quality checks from beginning to end. Our philosophy is that nobody will care more about our product and customers more than we will.

Our brand

Blanks by Thirteen is engineered by Thirteen Studios- a well-respected streetwear brand endorsed by the fashion industries top designers, stylists, & influencers. Built solely off one hoodie silhouette Thirteen Studios most famously known for their quality and silhouette was able to have consumers lining up by the hundreds waiting overnight at pop-ups just to get their hands on a hoodie. We believe in making one silhouette per style allowing it to be THE PERFECT BLANK.